Aaron Industries was presented with an opportunity to develop a recycled polystyrene compound for a plastic cutlery application.

The customer was looking for a 100% recycled content polystyrene that would perform like virgin polystyrene in their high speed injection molding machines. But there were also concerns about the availability of such material. Most of their suppliers in the past weren’t able to produce large, consistent volumes of recycled material on a regular basis.

The sales and engineering team at Aaron Industries worked closely with the customer on molding trials in order to develop a product which would fit their application and could be produced in large quantities.

Within a month of the first trial runs, the company was so impressed with the results that they decided to use higher volumes of our material. It was at this point when our customer expressed their appreciation of our commitment to them.  One of their top executives even remarked, “It’s much easier working directly with the manufacturer than it is with a broker.”

After molding the recycled polystyrene for nearly two months, the customer’s need had increased by 200,000 lbs per month!  Because of our vast sourcing capabilities, we were able to fulfill each order on time, without compromising on quality.

For the past three years, Aaron Industries has developed a close partnership with this company by providing quality material and excellent customer service.

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