Case Study 3

A large, Midwestern custom molder was faced with the prospect of losing a large portion of their HDPE lawn and garden business to overseas competition.

In an effort to keep costs down, they looked to Aaron Industries to produce a quality recycled resin product that would replace a more expensive virgin material.


  • Recycled HDPE needed to contain the same physical properties as its virgin counterpart
  • A precise color match was required for each product line
  • The recycled material needed to cost significantly less than virgin resin


For the past two years, Aaron has been supplying this customer with high quality, recycled polyethylene on a consistent basis.  They have realized an annual materials cost savings of over 10% annually, thus securing a long-term contract and retaining a critical piece of business.  In addition, future plans are underway to use our recycled polystyrene and polypropylene products in many more of their applications.

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