Inventory Nomenclature Change

Aaron Industries Corp. will be changing some of it’s product nomenclature effective August 1, 2015. The listed items below will be the products that will be affected.

There will be no change in product formulations.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative.


New Description Current
ARPE300-1 Aarolene Low Density PE CRARPE300-1-C
ARPE300-2 Aarolene High Density PE CRARPE300-2-C
ARPE300-2-6 Aarolene High Density PE Color CRARPE300-2-C-6
ARPE300-3 Aarolene Linear Low Density PE CRARPE300-3-C
ARPP200-1 Aarolene Homopolymer PP CRARPP200-1-C
ARPP200-1-6  Aarolene Homopolymer PP Color CRARPP200-1-C-6
ARPP200-1-A Aarolene Homopolymer PP Anti Stat  CRARPP200-1-C-A
ARPP200-2 Aarolene Copolymer PP CRARPP200-2-C
ARPP200-2-6 Aarolene Copolymer PP Color CRARPP200-2-C-6
ARPP200-2-FR Aarolene Copolymer PP FR V2  CRARPP200-2-CFR
ARPP200-3 Aarolene Copolymer PP CRARPP200-3-C
ARPP200-3-6 Aarolene Copolymer PP Color CRARPP200-3-C-6
ARPP200-4 Aarolene Copolymer PP CRARPP200-4-C
ARPP200-4-6 Aarolene Copolymer PP Color CRARPP200-4-C-6
ARPS100-1 Aarolene General Purpose Polystyrene CRARPS100-1-C
ARPS100-1-6 Aarolene General Purpose PS Color CRARPS100-1-C-6
ARPS100-2  Aarolene Medium Impact PS CRARPS100-2-C
ARPS100-2-6  Aarolene Medium Impact PS Color CRARPS100-2-C-6
ARPS100-3  Aarolene High Impact PS CRARPS100-3-C
ARPS100-3-6  Aarolene High Impact PS Color CRARPS-3-C-6
ARPS100-4  Aarolene High Impact PS CRARPS100-4-C