Inventory Control

This position is responsible for all aspects of inventory control. This position will facilitate communication with Production, Logistics and Purchasing to ensure proper levels of feedstock and finish goods are maintained. This position reports to the Vice President.


Required Education, Training & Experience

  • Professional College Degree
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in inventory related role
  • Experience in the plastics industry a plus

Skills Required

  • Ability to communicate with multiple levels of the organization
  • Ability to accomplish objectives in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Well Organized and regimented

Job Duties

  • Maintain all levels of inventory daily at each warehouse
    • Finished goods, additives and concentrates
    • Report overall inventory required on a min/max sheet
    • Provide planning for material movement daily to ensure space is all warehouses are used efficiently
    • Aid in organization of each warehouse location
  • Assist in the implementation of scanning (CieTrade) process in all aspects of the facility to ensure inventory depletion is tracked properly
    • Warehouses, Blending, Production
    • Ensure all gaylords have proper labeling in all warehouses
    • Print labels for incoming materials
    • Print pulverizing labels when needed
    • Train on cietrade to assist in receiving and pack out processes (E-Doc’s)
  • Provide proper work order documents to each segment of the operation outside of production (Post Blending and Shipping).
  • Provide insight from floor level on efficiencies that can be implemented to improve day to day operation, material movements, tracking, etc.


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