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Our Services

Aaron Industries offers unique manufacturing, post-processing and distribution services in our state-of-the-art facility in Leominster, Massachusetts. Repelletizing is available and packaging can be provided in bulk, bags or gaylord boxes. Our dedicated process ensures lot-to-lot consistency, precise color matching, discount pricing and on-time delivery. 

Custom Compounding

Melt blending of thermoplastic materials, colors + fillers specific to customer requirements. Our blending silos help facilitate our custom compounding process to yield recycled resin that is 100% uniform.

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Post blending of color concentrates and ingredients, including virgin resin.  We certify the blend with color chips samples, melt index, and impact testing.

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Resin Distribution

Distribution of raw generic materials, including polystyrene (HIPS & GPPS), Polypropylene (Homopolymer + Copolymer), Polyethylene (HDPE + LDPE) and generic engineering resins (PC, ABS, Nylon). All materials are available pulverized. 

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Toll Compounding

Available for a wide range of thermoplastics resins + additives. Customer supplied materials and formulation. 

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Available for a variety of lot sizes and materials with mesh sizes ranging from 12, 20, 25 and 35. Single Mill + Dual Mill capabilities. Capacity of 10-15 million pounds.

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Material Testing

Aaron Industries employs a full, onsite laboratory that is staffed 24 hours a day for material testing and quality control. All lots are tested by certified technicians prior to shipment. 

Third party partnerships

Proud partnership provide our customers with additional polymer services including: