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High Flow Materials

Aaron Industries offers JET FLOW® compounds for high melt flow applications. JET FLOW® is manufactured with recycled polypropylene and can be customized with colors and additives unique to customer requirements. Our standard grade is outlined below. 

JET FLOW® Compounds

Test ASTM/ Method ARPP200-2-JF Copolymer
Specific gravity D 792 0.910
Melt flow 230/2.16 (g/10 min) D 1238 50-70
Mold shrinkage - 1/8" specimen (in/in) D 955 0.022
Mechanical @ 73°F
Tensile strength (psi) D 638 3,950
Flexural modulus (psi) D 790   161,000 
Izod impact, notched (ft-lbs/in) D 256 2.5
Deflection temperature, 66psi (°F) D 648 226